AVA Plus LLC – Foos Processing / Armeconombank

Ava Plus LLC is a producer of a variety of bakery products. To increase the versatility of its production facility, the company invested in a new steam pipe oven with four overlapping baking chambers. The new oven, with its heat flexibility and rapid temperature adjustment, allows the baking of different types of products (bread, cakes, pizza…), which was formerly only possible by using several dedicated oven types.

The chief characteristic is the heating system: a dense network of closed-circuit pipes in which steam circulates. It also includes special heat exchange with channels for the recycling of hot combustion smoke and the efficient insulation resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower running costs.  I.e., the new oven is designed to satisfy the best ratio among capacity, power and costs, while offering a higher degree of versatility.

The new oven also meets the stricter health and safety standards of the EU and meets the directives relating to machine safety and electrical devices.

The company realized the investment through an EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line loan using the simple LET process and, after successful verification, received a 10% grant, funded by the EU4Business initiative.

Eligible investment cost

€ 19,500

Investment grant

€ 1,950

Primary energy use avoided

25.8 MWh/year

GHG emissions avoided

5.2 tCO2/year


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